Submitting an Abstract

Submitting a Proposal: The basis of the proposal or the presentation may not be the promotion or marketing of a product.

Please Note: Speaking Submissions will be accepted only electronically by email. Send your proposal in the body of your email letter and include supporting material and complete presentations as attachments. *All submission guidelines must be included for abstract consideration. Submit to Nick Depperschmidt.


The Speaking Proposal should include:

  • A title for the presentation

  • A summary of the presentation content (200-300 words)

  • Presenter(s) biography and high-resolution head-shot

  • Contact information: name, title, company, address, phone, email address and website

  • Desired Speaking Track

Your Technology Needs: Speakers must indicate any other technology that you plan to bring and/or need. Include any other pertinent information about your technology requirements.

Call for Presentations

Join other industry visionaries and speak at IoT Innovation North America. This IoT Conference provides a forum to discuss cutting edge developments in IoT technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements in the sensor, machine, device and artificial intelligence, connectivity/telemetry and IoT industry.

If you have interest in speaking contact Nick Depperschmidt to learn more.

  • Machine and Device Connectivity

  • Edge Computing

  • Big Data: Data Acquisition & Analytics

  • BlockChain

  • Prototyping and Development

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • IoT Security

  • The IoT Ecosystem

  • Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise-Wide Connectivity

  • Wearables

  • Networking: 5G, Wired, Fiber & Telemetry Networks

  • Cloud-based monitoring and control of equipment, assets, facilities & operations

  • Integrating Multiple Networks & Communications Systems for Maximum Interoperability

  • Remote & Smart Service Management

  • Open Source IoT