• Nick D.

Deloitte and ioTium Announce Working Relationship to Deliver End-to-End Solutions for Secure IIoT

ioTium, a commercially deployed software infrastructure company to industrialize the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced a strategic working relationship with Deloitte Australia. ioTium and Deloitte will jointly deliver the foundational infrastructure to support technology implementation and services that enable end-to-end secure digitization of industrial IoT (IIoT) platforms for Australian organizations in healthcare, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and commercial smart buildings and cities.

in all segments focus on digital transformation, they seek to take advantage of the business value derived from sophisticated analytics, remote access, cloud applications and more. By gathering real-time data to gain greater insights into their devices and business operations, coupled with ioTium's secure, cloud-managed and software-defined infrastructure, these organizations have the foundation to securely digitize their industrial assets. In this way they can take advantage of the data, scalability, cyber protection and connectivity benefits of digitization.

Deloitte will add its business acumen, expertise and breadth of services to ioTium's infrastructure in its target markets.

Lani Refiti, Cyber Risk Advisory Partner and Smart Cities Leader, Deloitte Australia, said, "By working with ioTium, we will be able to bring tangible outcomes to assist the organisations we are working within the region ramp to up their digitisation processes in a secure, scalable and effective operational technology environment. It will assist them to make digital transformation real."

"By working with Deloitte Australia, we will be able to integrate both our companies' strengths to deliver a secure and complete solution for industrial IoT," said Ron Victor, CEO, ioTium. "From strategic design to technology implementation to providing end-to-end service, our collaboration leverages the best from both parties to help industrial enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals."

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