• Nick D.

ITTIA Unveils SQL Database for Cypress MCUs for IoT and Autonomous Systems

ITTIA and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. have collaborated to offer IoT device manufacturers new data management capabilities. ITTIA DB SQL has been integrated into the full-featured WICED Software Development Kit (SDK) from Cypress. As connected devices are embedded into the heart of IoT platforms and autonomous systems, markets such as industrial automation, automotive, and connected home benefit from ITTIA DB SQL and the Cypress platform that includes low power wireless MCUs for efficient, reliable and standard data management.

ITTIA DB SQL unlocks the power of flash media on Cypress wireless MCUs to store data and run industry-standard Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. The total solution enables device manufacturers to build autonomous systems in which multiple wireless MCU powered devices connect to seamlessly stream, analyze, and distribute data. These systems can now simultaneously manage data on flash media such as MicroSD card and use dynamic queries over a Wi-Fi connection, with device-to-device database replication to decentralize data analysis.

The data management requirements of IoT systems include SQL queries, great performance, support for concurrent operations, high availability, and alternatives for uninterrupted data access on IoT devices.

Cypress development environments will include a relational database library for MCU devices to store, manage and analyze data through a powerful database engine that follows industry guidelines and standards. With SQL, manufacturers of embedded systems and devices have access to a data management platform that is both familiar and offers great performance, efficient concurrency, and robust data types.

"We are excited to team-up with Cypress and offer our powerful database software for development platforms with or without wireless connectivity. Our total solution completes the data management offering for low power devices," said Sasan Montaseri, President and Founder of ITTIA. "Our embedded database software, with Cypress Wireless MCUs, allows devices to benefit from data management freedom once only available for enterprise systems."

"Relational database capabilities are important for edge-based intelligence. Including support for ITTIA DB SQL is an example of how the power of our open-framework SDKs can be used to deliver integral technologies that are vital for IoT developers,” Said Brian Bedrosian, VP Marketing, IoT Compute and Wireless Business Unit, Cypress.

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