• Nick D.

Monnit Redefines Internet of Things Security with Release of SensorPrints

Monnit Corp. has released SensorPrints, the only end-to-end Internet of Things data authentication platform for low-power wireless sensors. An industry-first, SensorPrints provides data authentication in the form of a unique fingerprint for each device within the IoT, addressing a pressing need for greater security.

“Over the last decade, Monnit has emerged as a prominent Internet of Things leader by monitoring the evolving needs of the marketplace,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit. “Many believed that legacy IT security would suffice as the IoT matured, and this has often proven catastrophic. With SensorPrints, Monnit is providing superior authenticated data encryption at the point of generation all the way to consumption for analytics and action. This is the feature needed by enterprise CTOs and business owners who have been waiting for full-coverage security before deploying new IoT technologies.”


  • Unprecedented data security via 256-bit SHA3 authentication

  • Source generated data verification at the application layer

  • Native iMonnit integration for the rapid deployment of a trust-based solution

  • Open sensor data via the Monnit MINE platform supports aggregators (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.) or a user’s proprietary IoT platform

  • Reseller ready through Monnit IoTvantage partner platform

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