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Pod Group signs Partnership Agreement with Cloud Services Group

Pod Group, a provider of platforms, software and connectivity services for the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected enterprises hasannounced that Egypt-based Cloud Services Group-CSG, a provider of Cloud Services, Enterprise Applications and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions will join the Pod Partner Community as a software partner.

The agreement will allow Pod Group to extend its capabilities within the telematics space by offering its customers a complete suite of fleet management and tracking modules compatible with Gurtam’s powerful Wialon GPS monitoring platform and Pod’s global multi network connectivity. The agreement covers all global markets, with a focus on Canada, the Middle East and Africa where CSG has a strong presence.

Over 2,000 telematics devices are compatible with Gurtam’s Wialon platform, which in combination with Cloud Services Group’s Fleet Edge Master software and Pod’s IoT SIM cards with coverage in over 185 countries on 600+ networks, will allow hardware manufacturers and systems integrators in this space to create comprehensive end to end GPS solutions.

Fleet Edge Master has been designed to control and optimize every aspect of fleet operations, maximizing the productivity of fleet assets, achieving high levels of driver and vehicle safety and ensuring compliance with fleet operations regulations. Features include remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, advanced collision prevention and compliance with DVIR, ELD and IFTA legislation.

Pod Group’s global multi-network and multi-IMSI SIM cards provide robust, reliable connectivity suited to remote and roaming applications where devices are constantly crossing borders. If the signal is lost, the SIMs automatically swap to the next available network, and in the case of multi-IMSI SIMs, a back-up network on a separate infrastructure is available in case of technical issues on the core network. Pod also provides a range of SIM applets to increase security of devices in the field, including its IMEI SIM lock app which prevents removal of the SIM and use in other devices.

Mirjam Bulsink, Business Development Director EMEA for Pod Group commented, “We are delighted to welcome Cloud Services Group into our growing ecosystem of partners covering all aspects of IoT hardware, software and platforms. This agreement will enable us to deliver additional value to our customers in the telematics space, giving them the opportunity to quickly create and deliver end-to-end GPS tracking solutions in any geography.”

Karim ElDessouky, Commercial Manager of Cloud Services Group commented, “We are thrilled to be part of Pod Partner Community as a Software Partner, with Pod IoT Connectivity Platform and Services we will be capable of bringing higher value and greater telematics and IoT Solutions to our enterprise customers. As CSG and as a company we believe in synergies, and the synergy that we share with Pod Group is to jointly bring all our customers everything that IoT technologies can offer. Lastly, this Partnership includes the mutual strategic cooperation between Pod Group and CSG in introducing Pod Group to our enterprise customers in our strong-hold markets in Kuwait, KSA, UAE and Canada.”

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